Why so quiet?

It’s been over 6 months since I posted anything on this blog, & I’ve been contemplating reviving it for a while. I thought I’d start by reflecting on why there’s been such a long gap – I think there are 3 reasons:

The good: The easy / comfortable answer is that I’ve spent less time here because I’ve been doing a bit of writing & editing in other places recently.  As I’d hoped, starting this blog gave me the confidence to share things I write a little more.  I’ve done some bits & pieces for the BLC newsletter, and I’ve done a few interviews – as well as some other writing & editing – for City Savvy Luxembourg. Surely it should be possible to keep the blog up as well though? Which brings me to…

The bad: As with many areas of my life, I’m sure I could – can! – get more done by improving my time management and being more conscious about how I choose to direct my attention and spend my time.  However, when I’ve had a clear idea for a post, I have been known to become quite focused & get it written pretty quickly, so there’s clearly something else going on too…

The complicated: Even though this is essentially a personal blog, read by a few of my friends & family, it is out there on the internet.  It was great when a few people shared my list of 10 things I love about living in Luxembourg and I had some positive feedback from strangers, but writing in public does also place some limitations on what I feel comfortable sharing.  A lot of my experiences and ideas are parenting related, but I always try to err on the side of caution when considering whether to share information or stories about my children – I love blogs like Teacher Tom‘s that use real encounters with children to illustrate their insights, but as this article by a blogger who decided to stop writing about her children shows, when you’re talking about your own children it can be a slippery slope… I also prefer to focus on the positive aspects of our experiences rather than life’s occasional problems, as I don’t want to worry anyone (particularly concerned grandparents watching from a distance!) – but without a few complaints to balance them out, happier topics (like the piece I started writing this summer about how much more capable and independent the children are becoming) seem a bit too smug. Living overseas also adds a new dimension to my general tendency to avoid conflict.  Although the positives I’ve described here before are all true, I do of course also occasionally feel the urge to criticise some aspect of our host country, but I generally don’t blog about those subjects;  I feel a certain obligation to behave like a good guest, and as a newcomer I’m aware of the danger of generalising from my limited knowledge & partial experience. Taken together, this means that a lot of ideas that pop into my head for blog posts never get written because they’re either too personal, too negative, or too controversial.

So – as part of setting my intentions for 2017, I plan to continue with the writing and editing I’m currently doing; actively work on my time management (something that probably deserves a post of its own – I wonder how quickly I’ll get around to writing it?); and revive this blog, but with a renewed focus on my own personal experiences.  Looking back at my initial statement of intent, one of my aims when I started this blog was “to reflect on & celebrate each small step I take towards living and parenting more positively”, which still seems worth doing.

And for anyone who wants to hear a warts & all description of our family’s experiences, blunter opinions & hastier judgements, or more personal news of the children: please contact me directly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why so quiet?

  1. Hey! I just noticed YOU are a City Savvy Lux contributor/editor! Hahah! We need to talk about this in real life. That’s awesome. Good for you. And fun to read your blog! I know what you mean … I sometimes want to treat my blog as a journal, but if you read my journal that would just be terrifying. There’s a reason journals are usually kept private. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your posts, starting with the “10 things I love” one!


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