First impressions #4 – I’ll never need to visit the tip

When moving house in the UK, one of my first questions has always been, “which day is rubbish day?” Here in Luxembourg, a better question would be, “what do I put in all these bins?”


Back in the UK, we had a pretty good kerbside collection scheme for paper, cans, & plastic bottles, but glass & Tetrapaks had to be taken to a supermarket collection point, and you had to pay extra for garden waste. Here, it all just goes! In fact, they collect so many different types of waste that you are issued with a complicated calendar to keep track of it.  Tuesday was a “bulky waste” day and I saw a house round the corner with several pieces of furniture on the pavement outside in the morning – by the end of school it had been collected.

At the start of last year, I was inspired by the Rubbish Diet challenge to throw away less & recycle more. One of the main steps I took was to start recycling more plastic, as our local Sainsburys had just added a collection point for yoghurt pots etc., which was pretty unusual in the UK.  I’ve already found a similar collection point outside a supermarket here, and this one even has another section for blister packs & plastic food trays.

Recycling collection point

Possibly most impressive are the recycling drop-off points in shopping centres for various kinds of “problem waste”, including the small electrical items that used to be one of my main reasons for visiting our local tip. I’ve seen a sign to the tip here, but I’m finding it hard to think of a reason why I’d need to visit it…


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