First impressions #3 – hills and valleys, steps and stairs

One of the first things that struck us on our first visit to Luxembourg was that it is even more beautiful when you see it for real. Looking at a guidebook I’d imagined a few scenic spots; in reality, views like this are everywhere. Of course, the dramatic valley running through the centre of the city also leads to some steep slopes and long flights of steps – and Luxembourg is the only city I’ve ever been to with a public lift to take commuters between the upper & lower levels. Even out in the relatively flat suburbs, you need to negotiate steps to access most houses and shops, and the tendency to build apartments & townhouses adds to the opportunities for stair-climbing exercise. My daughter’s school even has stairs inside the classrooms, which is a big change from in the UK where there were none in her whole school.

The first time I collected a parcel from the post office & had to rely on other customers helping me to carry the pushchair up the steps (which they kindly did), I had a little mutter to myself about the lack of accessibility.  Of course, for me this is a trivial inconvenience, but I’ve since noticed a house near us with a lift going down to the front door, which really made me stop and think about what it must be like to use a wheelchair here…


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