First impressions #1 – where’s the hot tap?

I have a clear memory of obsessively reading a list of “little differences” between the US & Luxembourg, late one night shortly before our move.

Inspired by that, I thought I’d add a few notes on things that we’ve found surprising, or just different, after moving here from the UK.

Before we moved, I spent a lot of time trying to persuade two small children that the only way to get your hands properly clean is to use hot water – then we arrived here and found sinks by the loos with only cold water…


I’m not sure whether this is the same in all houses here, but I was amused when we visited a playgroup at the British school here to find a sink with its own little water heater rigged up – obviously I’m not the first Brit to be unimpressed by the idea of children with germy hands!



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